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Vegan Champignons Cherry Tomatoes Quiche You want: One roll of puffy Pastry …

Vegan Champignons Cherry Tomatoes Quiche πŸ…πŸ„

You want:
πŸ„ One roll of puffy Pastry
πŸ„ 2 chopped champignons
πŸ„ 5 chopped cherry tomatoes
πŸ„ 80 g. Chickpea flour
πŸ„ 1 tbsp olive oil
πŸ„ Salt
πŸ„ Black sesame
πŸ„ Thyme
πŸ„ Water

πŸ… Combine the chickpea flour with olive oil, salt and sufficient water to get a liquid consistency (1 to 2 glasses).
πŸ… Place the Puff Pastry in a baking pan.
πŸ… Pour the liquid you obtained in step one on the Puff Pastry, ensuring you stored some corners of Pastry outdoors the baking pan.
πŸ… Add the champignons and tomatoes.
πŸ… Fold the nook of the Pastry contained in the baking pan to cowl the pie on the sides.
πŸ… High with black sesame and thyme.
πŸ… Bake for about 25 minutes at 200Β°.

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